WPD Message by CEO and Director, Umar Pharmacy Chain

World Pharmacists Day message by Dr. Asmat Ullah, Director Pharmacy Chain, Umar Pharmacy Peshawar.
World Pharmacists Day message from Mr. Rafiq, the Chief Executive of Umar Pharmacy Chain, Peshawar
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  1. Arthur Hughs
    Arthur Hughs says:

    First bit of focussed practice with the 50/54/58 setup this weekend, and it may have convinced me to slightly tweak how I have been approaching short game this yearPrimarily I had been using the 58* around the greens, partially at my instructor’s urging to be more aggressive at pins, with the intention of using that 58 in many more situationsIn practice though, trying to compare results with all three wedges, overall I am preferring the outcomes with the 54* Overall I though that the 54 was just a little bit easier to control, not having to rely on something that plays higher into the greens from midrange pitch and chip shots The 58* came in second, probably due to the distance itself, which made controlling the 50* into the pin slightly more difficult The 50* would come out and land in a spot that I was hoping for, just at this point I was having a more difficult time with the amount of rollout at times being more difficult to judgePlenty of more work to do though, trying to figure out how/when to use the 50*, but early results with the 54 and 58 are promising


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