Seminar on Community Pharmacy Practice (Current trends and Future Perspectives)

Seminar on

Community Pharmacy Practice

(Current trends and Future Perspectives)


We are bringing a very exciting and informative learning Seminar at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Peshawar on March 02, 2021.

Our resource persons for the Seminar are:

1. Dr. Asmat Ullah R.Ph., Pharm.D. M.Phil (Pharmacy), MBA-Exec., Ph.D. (Pharmacy Practice); Director Pharmacy, Umar Pharmacy (Chain) Peshawar

2. Mr. Wasail Ali Awan, MBA (Marketing)
Ex-Area Manager & Acting Retail Manager in Rivoli Boutiques, Dubai UAE, Ex-Operations Manager Rolex Watches, Dubai UAE; General Manager, Umar Pharmacy (Chain) Peshawar


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  1. Denver Erixon
    Denver Erixon says:

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